Yoga Medley for Seasonal Living

A workshop for refreshing and detoxing in springtime

Sunday, May 8, 2022
10 a.m. to noon
Lotus Yoga, Barre, Vermont

$35 for the two-hour class

Refresh body and mind this spring. As we head into the warmer, sunnier months of the year, it is a good time to revisit our routines, and consider making changes as needed.

This class will begin with a slow flow vinyasa practice to open the body and clear out any stiffness accumulated during winter.

Following our flow practice, we will have time for writing and journaling to awaken any intentions for spring, take a moment to acknowledge any challenges, and set goals for the season ahead. This is a time for creating a tangible list to affirm the process.

Finally, we will move into a yin/restorative practice to seal all intentions and close our practice with yoga-Nidra, a rhythmic transformational experience known as a liberation from life's typically constrained mental filters.

Note: This is mother's day morning, and all moms are welcome to attend. However the class is not themed around mother's day.

  • The benefits of your practice

Individualized yoga
can be so beneficial.

It's important to supplement group classes with a home yoga practice. Personalized, shorter yoga practice, done at home on a regular basis will reinforce what has been taught in group classes and continue to build strength, flexibility and a deeper understanding of yoga in general.

In private sessions, I will guide you through individual yoga postures and sequences, teach technique, alignment and modifications when necessary that will help you design your unique home practice.

Private yoga sessions can be designed as restorative or hatha style classes, as well as guided Yoga Nidra. Each in-person private session is scheduled for one-hour sessions.
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