Restful Intuition with Yoga and Acupuncture

Saturday, September 10, 2022
10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Lotus Yoga Studio, Barre, Vermont

$55 for the two-hour class
*Class size is limited to 10 people.

Support your nervous system and tap into your inner-knowing with Restful Yoga and Acupuncture.

In our age of acceleration and unrelenting digital distraction, we can feel detached from ourselves, and it can be a joy to take a break from the scrolling, typing and swiping on our phones and computers. Resting and listening to our inner-knowing is a practice, and this means it is accessible to all of us.

In this class we'll learn the deep skills that can help to reframe our internal narratives, release accumulated stress and anxiety, and reconnect to our body's intuition by way of our five senses.

Class will be a combination of restorative yoga poses, mindfulness focusing on our bodily senses, all combined with Reiki and acupuncture. Both yoga and acupuncture help to bring us into the present moment and awaken the mind/body connection, deepening our innate ability to listen and connect with our intuition.

  • Kate Greenleaf (massage practitioner, certified yoga & yoga Nidra instructor)
  • Sarah Grebe (acupuncture practitioner and Reiki master)

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  • The benefits of your practice

Individualized yoga
can be so beneficial.

It's important to supplement group classes with a home yoga practice. Personalized, shorter yoga practice, done at home on a regular basis will reinforce what has been taught in group classes and continue to build strength, flexibility and a deeper understanding of yoga in general.

In private sessions, I will guide you through individual yoga postures and sequences, teach technique, alignment and modifications when necessary that will help you design your unique home practice.

Private yoga sessions can be designed as restorative or hatha style classes, as well as guided Yoga Nidra. Each in-person private session is scheduled for one-hour sessions.
Vermont Yoga with Kate Greenleaf