Summer Outdoor Yoga Class

Slow Flow Vinyasa Practice
Country Club of Vermont

Class time: Thursdays at 9:00 a.m.
• June 9th and 24th
• July 8th and 29th
• Aug 5th and 19th
• Sept 2nd and 23rd

This class will be a slow flow vinyasa style practice. We'll warm up the muscles and joints slowly yet effectively. Our slow and steady attention to postures coupled with the rhythm of the breath is an excellent workout to benefit the body and mind simultaneously. A full-body slow flow that moves through standing poses, hip openers and balance postures to build energy and create space throughout the body.

The more that we're able to find our flow in all of this uncertainty and tap into a rooted, fluid, and graceful way of connection, the more we'll be available to support ourselves and others. Outdoor yoga is the perfect way to reconnect after a year of being apart from each other.

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Weather permitting

  • The benefits of your practice

Individualized yoga
can be so beneficial.

It's important to supplement group classes with a home yoga practice. Personalized, shorter yoga practice, done at home on a regular basis will reinforce what has been taught in group classes and continue to build strength, flexibility and a deeper understanding of yoga in general.

In private sessions, I will guide you through individual yoga postures and sequences, teach technique, alignment and modifications when necessary that will help you design your unique home practice. Private yoga sessions are scheduled for one-hour sessions.

Vermont Yoga with Kate Greenleaf